Sunday, May 9, 2010

An introduction to the new Activity Journal

Recently there have been major changes inside the activity journal. On the technical side the whole application's core has been rewritten to increase speed and reduce the amount of information requested over DBus. Significant work on integration with other projects like Tracker has been a major goal of this release as well. Right now we support event searching enhanced by tracker, and tracker tagging.

The user interface has been modified, by adding a toolbar, to solve some accessibility issues in previous versions. There has also been a large amount of work on making the More Information pane visually appealing while still displaying a good amount of content to the user. The only other UI change was to the 'Pins' which were moved out of the Today pane and into an optional side pane. This apparently made some people happy, other mad, and still more confused to what a pin actually is. I am in the last group but I am trying to weigh both positions to determine what a pin is and where these 'pins' should be placed.

Anyway here is a video. I will try and get some webspace for a ogg version when I have a chance.

Hopefully my GNOME git access is approved or the repository request is granted so I can start moving the Activity Journal to GNOME infrastructure. Until then we are still at launchpad, which is a pretty nice place to be.