Sunday, September 12, 2010

Netbooks, small screens, and portable devices. I hate you

Yay! I have found some time to start working on Journal again!

As someone who works exclusively on a workstation with three monitors it is very to hard to take account for the smaller screen size of a netbook. As such I have received a few complaints about the size of Journal's toolbar. While I find the toolbar to be more functional, intuitive, and extensible than the way we handled view switching in previous releases, I cannot overlook these complaints.

After a few hours of trying I have failed to find a way to retain the positives of a toolbar while reducing the space on all distributions. In future Ubuntu releases I suspect I could leverage their AppMenu panel plugin, but that only works for buttons not other widgets like GtkEntry or GtkCombo. Hopefully, in the end, I can find a way to make everyone happy.

A lot has changed in the few months I have been gone, mostly for the good. A couple of major bugs have appeared but I believe I can have a fix for them ready soon enough. The most crippling one causes misreported event counts, and older events to not display. A definite buzz-kill, but something that I will have more time to investigate as my workload decreases over the next few months.